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search images from the site! the engine searches by file name, which is manually keyworded and generally follows a naming convention of "sitename-typeofgraphic-descriptions-originalfilename". an example of this would be, "bouncy-bubbles-avatar-100x100-anime-inu7".

some things to note: use more general terms, as certain characters or franchises may not be tagged. if you're searching for beer-chan gifs, you may have a better chance searching under "san-x".

some terms include...

site names: kintanti, bouncy-bubbles, fiannas-toybox, neonlove-lani, neonlove-gum-chu,
type of graphics: avatar, 100x100, 80x80, 60x60, 50x50, clique, blinkie, button, 88x31, 32x32, adopt, icon, emoticon, clique, blank, linkexchange, cursor, banner, layout, art, bg
descriptions: tiny, pink, rainbow, sanrio, san-x, hello-kitty, blank, fruit, anime, ham, bun, panda, bear, frog, animal, food, sweet, drink, make-up, mail, new, up

note: the archive is under construction!!!

try search terms like "100x100", "88x31", "icon", "emoticon", "adopt", "sanrio", "san-x", "pink", "drink", "bun", "bear", "frog", "ham", "pocket town" etc :-). (p.s. you can hover over to see the file name!)

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